LANCO League By-Laws




Article I     Name


The name of this organization shall be the LANCO Soccer League, Inc.



Article II    Purpose     


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of soccer. For accomplishment of this purpose this organization shall possess and exercise supreme governmental control and representation of the game, except in those matters reserved by or granted to FIFA, the United States Soccer Federation, or the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association.  [IRS 501(C)(3)Non-profit organization]




Article III Affiliation


The league is affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), and the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).



Article IV   Membership and Voting


A.   Membership


1.     Membership shall consist of such clubs, which have submitted written application to the Secretary and have been approved by the Executive Board and by a majority vote of the voting delegates in attendance at the BOD meeting.


2.     Membership will not be restricted by virtue of race, color, sex, creed, religion, national origin, or ethnic group.


3.     Annual membership fees may be established by the Executive Board with the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the member clubs present and voting.  The failure of any member club to pay any established membership fees within 60 days shall cause immediate forfeiture of membership without legislative formality.


4.     Each and every club, which is accepted for membership in the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. thereby, agrees for it and all its coaches and representatives to accept, support, and adhere to the purpose and regulatory authority of the league and its Constitution and By-Laws and Rules and Procedures.


5.     Written Application for membership into the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. must include; name of representative/delegate, registered referees and all officers of the club represented.


6.     Any team accepted to Lanco Soccer League, Inc. which is outside a forty (40) mile radius from East Petersburg will agree to play all of its scheduled matches within that radius, unless an established club agrees to provide that team with a home field.


B.    Removal


Any member club may be removed from membership for cause subject to approval by a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board and member clubs, each at their own separate meetings.




C.   Voting


1.     Each elected officer shall be permitted one vote.


2.     Each member club delegate shall be permitted one vote.


a.      Any member club with 1 – 7 teams registered with the league will be permitted one (1) delegate.


b.     Any member club with eight (8) or more teams will be permitted two (2) delegates.


c.     Team numbers will be based on the previous year’s registration.


d.     All member club delegates, and their alternate, must be registered with the League Secretary.


3.     A “voting delegate” will be allowed only one vote.  A voting member must be in attendance and voting at the time an issue is under consideration.  Proxy votes are not permitted.


4.  The presiding officer shall not be permitted to vote except to break a tie vote.



Article V     Officers and Executive Board


A.     Officers


1.     The officers of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc., who shall also compose the Executive Board, shall consist of the following individuals: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar.


2.  All officers shall serve a term of two (2) years or until there successor assumes office.  The President, Second Vice-President and Secretary shall be elected during the even numbered years; The First Vice-President, Treasurer and Registrar shall be elected during the odd numbered years. Officers may be re-elected.



B.      Duties


1.     The LANCO Soccer League, Inc. Board of Directors will be comprised of the member delegates that are properly registered with the League Secretary as required by the league Constitution and



2.     Executive Board


a.      To authorize and approve all budgets, programs and expenditures of the League.


b.     To serve as an executive decision making body on all official appeals made in the regard to any decision or ruling by the Executive Board, League Officer, Committee Chairman, or any agent thereof.


c.     To assist and advise the League officers and committee Chairman in the administration of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc.


d.     To have and to exercise all administrative and executive powers that are not otherwise specifically denied it by the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws and/or Rules and Regulations.


3.  President


a.      To preside at all BOD and Executive Board meetings.


b.     To sign all legal documents and papers and to countersign checks.


c.     To appoint chairmen of all standing and special committees.


d.     To serve as an “ex-officio” member (without vote) of each   standing and special committee.


e.      To perform all other duties normally associated with the office of the President.



4.     First Vice President


a.      To serve as the League’s game commissioner (the coordinator of cancelled and rescheduled games with the referee assignor).


b.                 To appoint divisional games commissioners.


c.     To exercise all other authority normally associated with the “Games Commissioner” duties and responsibilities.


d.     To assume the responsibility and authority of the President in the absence of the President.


5.     Second Vice President


a.      To direct, develop and coordinate League game schedules, play-off, and cup game schedules.


b. To maintain the official copy of the League Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.


6.     Secretary


a.      To establish, record, and file a record (minutes) of all BOD and Executive Board meetings.


b.     To read the prior minutes at all meetings of the BOD and the Executive Board.


c.     To keep a record of club and other attendance at BOD meetings and officer attendance at Executive Board meetings.


d.     To keep a record of the voting representatives and alternates for each member club.


e.      To conduct all LANCO Soccer League, Inc. elections.



7.     Treasurer


a.                  To account for all expenditures and to deposit all income of the League.


b.                 To establish and maintain financial records.


c.                 To pay all authorized obligations/bills of the League.


d.     To present a financial report at all BOD and Executive Board meetings.


e.                  To sign all financial documents and checks.


f. To serve as the League’s purchasing agent.


g.     To develop an annual League budget, projecting all costs for the year.


8.     Registrar


a.                  To develop and maintain a record (roster) of all member clubs.


b.     To develop and maintain a record (roster) of all member club directors with addresses and telephone numbers thereof.


c.     To organize the registration of member club teams as specified by the EPYSA, and provide the necessary forms for such registration.


d.     Payment of the registrar will be made on a per player rate established yearly by the League.



Article VI    Meetings


A.   League meetings shall be conducted at a minimum of once per month (no   meeting will be scheduled for December).  These meetings shall be conducted on the third Wednesday of the month at a location and time as determined by the Executive Board.


B.    Special meetings of the League and/or the Executive board may be called by the president, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority decision of the Executive Board, or by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the member clubs.


C.   A quorum will consist of a minimum of one-half (1/2) of the qualified delegates of which three (3) must be on the Executive Board.



Article VII   Nominations, Elections, and Filling of Vacant Offices


                   A. Nominations for candidates for League Officers shall be presented by the Nominating Committee at the League meetings conducted in April and May of each year.


1.     The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) “at large” club delegates appointed by the President.


2.     Any voting delegate may propose additional nominations.


3.     Individuals may accept nominations for more than one office; however, they may be elected to only one officer position.


4.     Candidate for the positions of President, First Vice President and Second Vice President must have served one (1) year as a recent active member of the BOD to be eligible.  All other positions may be at large.  (Recent meaning in the past 2 years.)




B.                 Elections shall be conducted by a secret ballot at the May BOD meeting.


1.     Nominees receiving a plurality vote will be declared elected.


2.     In event of a tie vote, it shall take the plurality of the voting delegates and the newly elected League Officers to elect the League Officer in question.


3.     The term of office shall be from June 1 to May 31.



Article VIII Committees


A.    Standing Committees shall consist of:


1.     Grievance Committee


2.     Playoff Committee


3.     Tournament Committee


B.          The Executive Board will appoint chairmen of the Standing Committees.


C.         The pertinent Committee Chairman will appoint Standing Committee members.


D.         The President as deemed necessary to conduct League business might establish special Committees.  Such committees will be automatically disbanded upon completion of their assignments.


E.          Duties of the Grievance Committee


1.     The grievance committee will take prompt action on written appeals, protests, and/or reports from member clubs’ authorized representatives and/or from referees’ reports.  The appropriate fee must be attached.


2.     The grievance committee shall consist of a chairman, plus no less than four additional members representing a minimum of five member clubs. The additional members shall be appointed as needed by the Chairman, and not include any member affiliated with any of the grieving clubs.


3.     The grievance committee shall not honor any protest, complaints or reports, or effect any decision that would result in any violation of the League’s Constitution and By-Laws, Rules and procedures, or in the League’s commitments or authority delegated to the EPYSA as a result of the League’s affiliation therewith.



Article IX    Financial Administration


A.               The Treasurer shall administer the financial affairs of the League.


B.                The League fiscal year shall be September 1st through August 31st.


C.   An annual audit coinciding with the fiscal year shall be conducted of the league’s books and presented to the Executive Board and General membership.


D.               The treasurer at all League meetings shall make a financial report.


E.    A bill, invoice or other document signed by the committee chairman, officer or agent authorized to make such expenditures, will support all expenditures.


F.    No part of the income or assets of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. shall inure to the benefit of any private individual member, or member club.


Article X     Parliamentary Procedure and Appeals


A.   The rules of parliamentary procedure outlined in “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall govern all meetings and proceedings of the League, except where they are in disagreement with the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws or Rules and regulations.


B.                The League president shall appoint the League Parliamentarian.


C.               Appeals (other than Grievance Committee)


1.     Any ruling or decision by the Executive Board, by an elected or appointed official, or any agent thereof, may be subject to appeal by a voting member.


2.     Appeals must be made in writing to the League President within ten (10) days after a ruling or decision.


3.     Appeals will be presented to the Executive Board for a decision.  The Board must come to a decision in a responsive manner, but no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of an appeal by the President.


4.     The Executive Board will not honor appeals or make any decisions in regard to appeals that would result in a violation of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. Constitution and By-Laws or Rules and Regulations.


5.     All appeals must clearly state and identify the decision being appealed, the individual or group making such decision, special details or circumstances to be considered by the Board, and the appellant’s desired solution.


6.     Decisions of the Executive Board on appeals will be final.




Article XI    Associations 


A.   The League shall be affiliated with the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) and will adhere to responsibilities and objectives that are inherent and concomitant with such affiliation/commitments.


B.    Other affiliations that may further the purposes, goals or activities of the League may be developed subject to approval by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board and the member club’s majority vote.


C.   No affiliation will be permitted which could result in or infer preference or exclusion of any sex, race, creed, national origin or ethnic group, or which would result in or infer support of any partisan political campaign, party, incumbent or candidate.




Article XII                   Dissolution of LANCO Soccer League, Inc.


A.   Dissolution:  The League shall be dissolved in the event it shall cease to carry out the purposes herein set forth or upon the unanimous vote of the Executive Board and the member clubs’ representatives present and voting, each at their own separate meeting.


B.    Disposition of Assets:  In the event of dissolution, all of the property and assets of the League shall be distributed to a similar non-profit charitable organization, as may be selected by the Executive Board, so that the property and assets of the League shall in such event be used for and devoted to a youth-oriented organization.


In no event shall any of the assets or property of the League go to or be distributed to any individual member(s) or member club(s) either for the reimbursement of any sums subscribed, donated or contributed, or for services rendered or for any such purpose. 


It being the intent that in the event of dissolution the property and assets, then owned by the League, shall be donated to carrying on the functions and purposes of such non-profit youth-oriented organization, so the Executive Board shall determine and direct.




Article XIII Amendments to the Constitution


A.     Proposing of Amendments


Any qualified voting member may propose amendments at any time.  Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the League President who shall present such proposals to the Executive Board.


B.      Adoption of Amendments


1.     A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Board present and voting shall be required in order to indicate Board approval of the proposed amendment(s).


2. Upon approval of the Executive Board, proposed amendment(s) shall be presented to the subsequent League meeting for a first reading.  Proposed amendment(s) shall be read for a second time and voted upon at the next League meeting subsequent to the first meeting.


3. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the member clubs shall be required to adopt any amendment(s).


C.     Effective Date of Amendment


Amendments shall become part of the Constitution immediately upon their adoption by the voting delegates unless otherwise stipulated in the adopted amendment(s).










Article I    Order of Business


A.     The order of the business at all regular meetings shall be as follows:


1.     Roll Call

2.     Minutes of previous meeting

3.     Financial Report

4.     Registrar Report

5.     EPYSA Report

6.     Referee Report

7.     Unfinished Business

8.     New Business

9.     Miscellaneous items

10. Adjournment



Article II          Registration


A.   The seasonal year shall be from September 1st to August 31st of the following year.


B.    Each child must produce proof of age in the form of a Birth Certificate, Passport, and Player Pass from a previous year or Driver’s license to the League Registrar.


C.   Each team must fill out an EPYSA “Player Roster Form” and the roster must be submitted to the League at the time of registration.


D.   Each player must have an EPYSA “Player Pass” validated for the present season.  The Player Pass must be available at each game.


E.    Each manager/coach must have a validated “Coaches’ Pass”, which will only be issued after the coach/manager has completed and submitted to EPYSA the “Risk Management Form”.


F.    Lanco Soccer Inc., has no limit on the number of registered coaches, however Lanco Soccer Inc., will allow only two (2) coaches on sideline during a scheduled league match or scheduled playoff match.


G.   A team may be allowed to drop any player by using the player status form per EPYSA Registration Rules. However, a team may only add three (3) transfer players to the roster from another traveling team during the year.  For new players, a player status form must be submitted to the League Registrar three (3) days prior to a game in order for new players to be eligible for the game.


H.   A player may register for a second team during the seasonal year as a secondary player.


I.       A team may not register additional players for League play fourteen (14) days after the first scheduled game.  Players may be added for team competition outside League play according to EPYSA rules.  Exception:  Injured goalkeepers may be replaced at the discretion of the Executive Board.



Article III          Players


A.   Youth amateur players – A youth player is one who on August 1st of the current season has not yet reached the age of nineteen (19) years.  A player who reaches 19 after August 1st shall be allowed to complete the season.



B.    Age limits and roster limitations


1.     Age divisions shall be comprised of players who are, before the first day of August of the current season (September 1st to August 31st of the following year).


a.      Under 19 years of age

b.     Under 18 years of age

c.     Under 17 years of age

d.     Under 16 years of age

e.      Under 15 years of age

f.       Under 14 years of age

g.     Under 13 years of age

h.     Under 12 years of age

i.        Under 11 years of age

j.        Under 10 years of age

k.     Under   9 years of age


2.     Maximum roster requirement:  U-9 and U-10 teams shall have no more than fourteen (14) players registered with the League.  U-11’s thru U-13’s shall have no more than eighteen (18) players registered with the league.  U-14’s thru U-19’s will be allowed to register

twenty-two (22) players with the league, however only,

eighteen (18) of those may dress and participate in any given league match.


3.     No team shall be allowed to have less than seven (7) players registered with the League.


Article IV – Rules of Play


Except as provided herein, FIFA “Laws of the Game” shall apply to each and every game within the jurisdiction of this League.


A.     Length of games, overtime periods, and ball specifications:

















Under 19

Two 45 min.


27” – 28”


Under 16

Two 40 min.


27” – 28”


Under 14

Two 35 min.


27” – 28”


Under 12

Two 30 min.


25” – 26”


Under 10

Two 25min.


25” – 26”



B.      Overtime periods – No overtime periods will be played.  If a match is tied at the end of regulation play the match is complete for League play. FIFA “Kicks from the Penalty Mark” Rule will apply for playoffs only.


C.     Substitution – Substitutes shall be unlimited, and be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times for all age categories:


1.     Prior to your own throw-in or your opponents throw-in provided they are also substituting and all players are already at the midfield substitution point when the ball leaves play.

2.     Prior to a goal kick – either team.

3.     After a goal by either team.

4.     For an injured player, by either team 1 for 1, when referee stops play.

5.     At half time.



D.     Line-up Card and Red Card Tracking Form – each team must present the  referee with 3 copies of their line-up card and the Orange Card tracking form before the start of the match.  The line-up card must be signed by the team manager/coach.  Line-up cards must contain all registered players of that team, with jersey number and pass number of each player.  Red card tracking form must contain name and jersey number of each registered player. Line-up cards are the official record of players who have participated in a given game.  If the line-up card is nor filled out properly, a fine or forfeit may result as follows:


1.     No shirt or player pass number – fine, at discretion of the League

2.     A player playing in a game when his name is not on line-up card – forfeit.


The Original Red Card Tracking form is to be mailed to the League at the end of the current season.  If the League does not receive the Red Card Tracking form, a fine will be levied against that team.


E.      Game schedules


1.     The schedule of games for the regular season shall be prepared by the Leagues’ scheduler and the Executive Board.  The schedule shall be dependent upon the number of teams registered in each age division, with the approval of the Executive Board.


2.     Each member club must notify the league of the number of teams entered in each age division at the regularly scheduled meeting two (2) full months prior to the first game in the age division.


3.     The 2nd Vice-President will be responsible for all scheduling of play-off games, with the aid of the Executive board.


                   F.  Postponement of Games


1.  In the case of inclement weather, the home team manager must notify the Games Commissioner and receive a decision pertaining to playing of said game.  He must notify the visiting team no less than three (3) hours before the game is scheduled to start.  In the event that both teams arrive at the field, the referee will determine if the game should be postponed.



2.  In the case of severe weather, it is the responsibility of the coaches to call the League Hot Line, listen to the message regarding cancellation of all League games.


3.  All games shall be played at the designated location and scheduled time.


                   F.  Forfeits


1.  Each member team is required to post a forfeit fee as required by the League or one half the referee(s) fee whichever is more.


2.  A game is forfeited when either team fails to field seven (7) players within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start of the game.


3.  If the home team fails to appear, the visiting team will pay the referee fees (1/2 regular fee).  Referee fees will be reimbursed by the league in the event of a forfeit.


4.  In the event of a forfeit, the member team causing the forfeit will be fined according to the League fees schedule.  The fine must be paid within ten (10) days of receipt of the notification of the fine from the League.  Failure to pay the assessed fine within the prescribed time period will result in forfeit of all that member club’s games until the fine is paid.


5.  The Games Commissioner must be notified of the forfeit by the non-forfeiting team within twenty-four (24) hours of the forfeit.  The Commissioner must then notify the Member Club representative of the forfeiting team that a forfeit occurred and that the forfeit fee as set forth in the current fee schedule is due within the next ten (10) days.


6.  In the event that a team disbands after the first game of the division season, a fine as set forth in the current fee schedule will be assessed.  Non-payment of this disbanding fee within ten (10) days of notification by the League will result in the affiliated club being in bad standing with the LANCO Soccer League, Inc.





                   G.  Referees


1.  Games shall be covered by an Eastern Pennsylvania Referee Association sanctioned referee who will have full control of the game.  In the event of a referee not covering a game, a spectator may be used to officiate by mutual agreement of both managers/coaches.  No protests will be honored by the League pertaining to games so officiated.


2.  Each team must provide an Assistant Referee for all games where Assistant Referees are not supplied.  This person cannot be a player of either participating team or under 12 years of age.


3.  In the event a game is postponed by the referee prior to the game start due to weather conditions, one-half of the prescribed fees shall be paid by the home team.


4.  In the event a game is postponed due to weather conditions after play has started, the referee shall be paid the prescribed fee in full, for that game only.


5.  Referees will be assigned by a Registered Referee Assignor appointed by the President and with the approval of the Executive Board.  Payment of the Referee Assignor will be assessed by the League to each team participating in the current season, and each club with a participating team.


6.  The three man system will be used for all games U-13 and above and in playoffs as determined by the Playoff committee.


7.  Each affiliate to the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. must have two (2) active referees for each two (2) teams which are in the League.



                   H.  Protests


                                      1.  A protest may be filed for the following reasons:


                                                         a.  Rule interpretation

                                                         b.  Player ineligibility

                                                         c.  Violations of Lanco or EPYSA rules


                                      2.  The referee and opposing manager/coach must be notified in writing

                        prior to or during a game that a protest is being made.  Such protests will be annotated on the line-up card and initialed by the referee and the protesting manager.  (Exception – a player’s eligibility protest or disqualification may be made at any time prior to the end of the current season.)


3.  Any formal protests must be made in triplicate within forty-fight (48) hours after the game.  One copy shall be sent to the League President, one copy to the opposing team manager/coach and the third copy retained for the protestant’s file.  Such letter shall contain the following:


          a.  A protest fee as set by the Fee schedule

b.  Name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of the protesting manager and the club soccer director

c.  Location, time and date of the game

d.  All facts regarding the protest, including the desired solution


4.  No protest fee shall be returned if the protest is denied, or if a protest is improperly filed.  Any protests upheld will result in return of protest fees.


                                      I.  Players, Equipment and Fields of Play


1.  A player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (jewelry, barrettes, chewing gum, necklaces, etc.).


2.  A goalkeeper shall wear colors which distinguish him from all the other players.  It is recommended that shin guards be worn.  All jerseys must have numbers on the back except the goalkeeper.  In the event of duplicate team jersey colors, the home team must change.


3.  The field of play shall be rectangular, its length not more than 120 yards and width not more than 80 yards.


4.  The field of play shall be marked with distinctive lines of non-caustic material.


5.  Corner flags are required and must be a minimum of 5 feet high.


6.  Decisions of officials in regard to safety of equipment and field of play will be final.


                    J.  Discipline


1.  Any player receiving a red card for fighting in a game will be suspended for the next three (3) scheduled League games.  If a player receives a second red card for fighting that player will be disqualified from participation in the League.


2.  Any player accruing four (4) yellow cards during a season will be required to miss the next scheduled League game.


3.  Any player receiving a red card (except for fighting – see item 1.) will be required to miss the next schedule League game.  If a player receives a second red card, that player will be suspended for the next two (2) scheduled League games.


4.  Any manager/coach who is asked to leave a game by the referee will be required to miss the next scheduled League game.  If a manager/coach is asked to leave a game more than once during the season, that manager/coach will be required to miss the remainder of the season.


                    K.  Crowds and Fan Control


1.  Both participating teams are held responsible for crowd and fan control before, during and after a match with primary responsibility to their own fans.  A ten (10) yard line or retainer should run parallel to the touch line and be clear of spectators.


2.  By request of the referee, a club official will give safe and expedient escort to a coach/manager or the referee until his exit from club grounds; record and submit to the League any incidents resulting from this escort.


3.  The LANCO Soccer League, Inc. will accept from the referee, club official or referee’s association any complaint or grievance concerning crowd conduct and immediately refer the matter to the Grievance Committee.  They shall discuss the complaint, reprimand and/or suspend the responsible club (within 15 working days), or fine the responsible club.  See Fee and Fine Schedule.



Article V – Administrative Rules


                    A.  Attendance at meetings


1.  All member clubs must be represented at the monthly League meetings by their designated representative(s) or alternate(s).


2.  Member clubs not adhering to this requirement will be fined according to the Fee and Fine Schedule for each meeting in which they are not represented.


3.  Member clubs must attend a minimum of four (4) meetings during the current season or will be classified as a member not in good standing and thereby forfeit all voting rights unless and until reinstated. (See Constitution Art.IV, Sec.1)


4.     The official meeting place of the LANCO Soccer League, Inc.

     shall be within Lancaster County and designated by the

     Executive Board.                                                                                                                                                                               



                    B.  Reporting of Game Scores


1.  Each manager/coach must report the accurate scores of their game to the division scorekeeper to be posted on the website no later than 9:00pm on the Sunday evening following the game.


2.  Failure to comply shall result in a fine per the Fee and Fine Schedule.


                    C.  Payment of Fees


1.  All travel player fees and related team fees shall be paid at the time of approval of travel team rosters by the League registrar.


2.  All intramural player fees and related team fees shall be paid at the time of registration of players or teams as applicable.


3.  Teams registering players after the start of the season will be billed by the League with payment required within thirty (30) days.


4.  Failure to meet these requirements shall result in forfeiture of all League games until paid.



Article VI – Amendments to By-Laws


A.  Amendments may be proposed in writing to the League President at any Executive Board or general meeting.


B.  Proposed amendment(s) to the LANCO Soccer League, Inc. By-Laws will be presented at the next general League meeting.  The proposed amendment may then be voted upon at the following general League meeting.  The amendment(s) will be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of voting representatives in good standing and in attendance.


C.  Proposed amendment(s) to the rules not adopted in accordance with Paragraph VI, B, may not be reintroduced until a minimum of nine (9) months has elapsed from the time of original introduction. 



LANCO Soccer League, Inc.

Fee and Fine Schedule

(Revised 2006)



Player Fees

          Travel                                                                              $  13.25

          Secondary                                                                       $    3.00

          Intramural                                                                        $    2.00

          Add/Release/Transfer                                                   $    2.00


Travel Team Fees

          EPYSA Affiliation (annual)                                              $    5.00

          EPYSA Administration (annual)                                $    6.00

          EPYSA Insurance (annual)                                              $  25.00

          League Administration (U-10 thru U-19/per team)           $  10.00

          League Assignor (Lancaster County Teams)                            $  20.00

          League Assignor (Non-County Teams)                            $  15.00

          League Bond (New Club Only)                                        $100.00

          League Forfeit Fee                                                                   $100.00



          No Shirt Number                                                                 $    5.00

          No Pass Number                                                                 $    5.00

          Name not on Line-Up Card                                             $  10.00

          Ineligible Player                                                               $200.00

          Team disbands during season                                                $100.00

          Not Reporting Scores                                                         $  15.00

          LANCO Meetings (Non Attendance)                              $  25.00

          Poor Crowd and Fan Control                                        $100.00 - $250.00

          No Roster Card – season end                                           $  25.00

          No Show – playoffs                                                       $100.00



          Protest – Due with filling of Protests                                    $100.00

          Schedule Change                                                             $  15.00

          Late Schedule Change/within 7 days                                    $  30.00






LANCO Soccer League, Inc.






Yearly Lanco Soccer League, Inc. will award six (6) scholarships to graduating seniors, who are planning to further their education at an institution of higher learning.  The amount of the scholarship is $1000.00.  These scholarships are awarded on a need basis.


The scholarships are in the names of the following people:


                    Dave Edgecomb

                    Keith O’Malley

                    Angelo Zalalas

                    Rob Deininger









At the end of each fall soccer season, Lanco Soccer will provide a playoff tournament for those teams wishing to participate.  Awards will be given in each age group and division for the champion and runner-up. 


1)      Lanco Soccer Inc. will pay the referees for this tournament.  Clubs will not have to pay for referees.


2)      Playoffs will be held for U-9’s through U-16’s.  No playoffs for U-19’s.  Awards for U-19’s will be given to regular season champion and runner-up.


3)      In the U-9 through U-12 age groups, any division with 8 or more teams, the top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs.  In the U-13 through U-16 age groups, the top 4 teams qualify for the playoffs.


4)      Higher seeded team is the home team and responsible for changing jerseys in a conflict.


5)      Tie breakers for playoff seeding:


a)      Head to Head competition

b)      Goals against

c)      Goals for

d)      Coin flip


Teams must inform Lanco Soccer Inc, by e-mail no later than October 29th, if they do not wish to participate in the playoffs.  Club reps can e-mail the vice-president at if they have a team that does not wish to participate.  Please include club name, age group and team name.









1)      Length of match – all Full-Sided playoff matches will be 30 minute halves and all Small-Sided games will be 25 minute halves.


2)      At the end of regulation time, if the match is tied, a winner will be determined by by FIFA Kicks from the Mark Guidelines


3)      Any team failing to show up for a scheduled match will be dropped from the competition and the club will be fined $100.00.