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Soccer; the 'Beautiful Game' and Its Global Appeal

Few sports enjoy the enormous international appeal of soccer, which is generally referred to as ‘football’ outside the United States. Major televised soccer tournaments, especially the prestigious World Cup, typically draw millions of viewers from all over the world.

This site is intended for fans of soccer, which Brazilian legend Pelé once famously described as the ‘Beautiful Game.’ Here, readers will find fascinating articles on every aspect of the popular sport, including overviews of history’s most celebrated matches, biographies of illustrious players, and much more besides.


The global popularity of soccer is difficult to overstate. For example, according to the world soccer governing body FIFA, more than a billion people worldwide watched the Russia-hosted 2018 World Cup, in which France’s national team ultimately beat its Croatian counterpart by a two-goal margin.

Yet despite the sport’s wide-ranging appeal, its origins remain open to debate. The only thing soccer scholars agree on is that people have been playing the game (in one form or another) for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, from Mesoamerica and Europe to Central Asia and the Pacific Islands.

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